2001 Subaru Users Meeting Final Circular

December 6, 2001

In this circular, the final program of the meeting is presented.

Please contact if you have questions.

2001 Subaru Users Meeting Final Program (HST)

(1) Date:
  2001 December 10 (Mon) 13:30-21:30 (HST)
  2001 December 11 (Tue) 14:00-20:30 (HST)


Venue: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
Mitaka, Subaru Building (1F)


TV-connected to the Hawaii Observatory, Hilo


(2) Programs

************* Important notes **************

  1. The allocated time below includes that for questions/answers (3-5 min).
  2. Sessions 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 are English sessions.
    The remaining sessions are Japanese sessions.
  3. Poster size should be smaller than B0. Posters will be written in English, if possible.
  4. We will issue a proceeding of the meeting for both oral talks and posters. For oral talks, we will make a photocopy of transparency on the day of the meeting.


%%%%% 2001 December 10 (Mon) 13:30- (HST) %%%%%

  1. Greeting (English) 13:30- (Chairman: H. Ohtani)

  2. 1-1 Status report H. Ando (Subaru) 20 min
    1-2 Subaru committee report M. Iye (NAOJ) 20 min

  3. Telescope, instruments (English) (Chairman: H. Ohtani)

  4. 2-1 Telescope T. Usuda (Subaru) 20 min
    2-2 Operation J. Noumaru (Subaru) 20 min
    2-3 Computer M. Yagi (NAOJ) 20 min
    2-4 SupCam S. Miyazaki (NAOJ) 20 min
    2-5 FOCAS Y. Ohyama (Subaru) 20 min
    2-6 HDS W. Aoki (NAOJ) 20 min
    2-7 OHS/CISCO K. Motohara (Univ. of Tokyo) 20 min

    Dinner time 17:00 - 18:00

    2-8 IRCS H. Terada (Subaru) 20 min
    2-9 COMICS Y. Okamoto (Kitazato Univ.) 20 min
    2-10 AO H. Takami (NAOJ) 20 min

  5. Subaru Open Use (English) (Chairman: M. Iye)

  6. 3-1 Report T. Yamada (NAOJ) 20 min
    3-2 Discussion 20 min

  7. Referring (Chairman: M. Iye)

  8. 4-1 Report S. Okamura (Univ. of Tokyo) 20 min
    4-2 Discussion 40 min

Poster session 21:30-22:45 (Mitaka)

Party 23:00-25:00 (Mitaka)


%%%%%%% 2001 December 11 (Tue) 14:00- (HST) %%%%%%%%

  1. Scientific results generated with Subaru Telescope
    (English) 14:00- (Chairman: K. Ohta)

  2. 5-1 Statistical properties of z = 5 galaxies in the Subaru Deep Field
      M. Ouchi (Univ. of Tokyo) 15 min
    5-2 The radio galaxy 3C 356 and clues to the trigger mechanism for
      powerful radio sources
      C. Simpson (Subaru) 15 min
    5-3 H and K Band Methane Features in an L Dwarf, 2MASS 0920+35
      T. Nakajima (NAOJ) 15 min
    5-4 Subaru Spectroscopy of the Gravitational Lens HST 14176+5226:
      Implications for a Large Cosmological Constant
      T. Hamana (NAOJ) 15 min
    5-5 An investigation of the origin of comets based on the ortho/para
      ratio of Ammonia
      H. Kawakita (Gunma Obs.) 15 min

  3. Instruments (continue from session 2), R&D
    (English) 15:30- (Chairman: K. Noguchi)

  4. 6-1 CIAO K. Murakawa (Subaru) 20 min
    6-2 R&D H. Takami (NAOJ) 15 min
    6-3 FMOS S. Eto/K. Ohta (Kyoto Univ.) 15 min
    6-4 MOIRCS T. Ichikawa (Tohoku Univ.) 15 min
    6-5 OHANA J. Nishikawa (NAOJ) 15 min
    6-6 Lazer AO H. Takami (NAOJ) 15 min

    Dinner time 17:00 - 18:00

  5. Future plan (18:00-) (Chairman: N. Arimoto)

  6. 7-1 Observatory project H. Ando (Subaru) 25 min
    7-2 Future plans (remote/service/queue observing)
      T. Yamashita (NAOJ) 25 min

  7. Key project (Chairman: N. Arimoto)
    M. Iye (NAOJ) 20 min
  8. Press release (Chairman: N. Arimoto)
    T. Fuse (Subaru) 15 min
  9. General discussion (Chairman: N. Arimoto) 60 min


%%%%%%%%%%%%% Poster session (Mitaka) %%%%%%%%%%%%%

P1 Ground-based observation of 1998SF36
 M. Abe (ISAS)

P2 Current status of MOIRCS
 R. Suzuki/C. Tokoku (Tohoku Univ.)

P3 Protoplanetary nebulae found in UH88' telescope with SIRIUS
 S. Deguchi (NAOJ)

P4 Spatial and size distribution of asteroids in the sub-km belt
 T. Nakamura (NAOJ)

P5 Internal structure of z > 3 Lyman Break galaxies
 M. Sawada (Tohoku Univ.)

P6 Detection of a supercluster at z = 1.1 traced by QSOs
 I. Tanaka (NAOJ)

P7 Detection of Iron Emission in the z = 5.80 QSO SDSSp J104433.04-012502.2
 K. Aoki (Univ. of Tokyo)

P8 Spectroscopic Study of Planet-Harboring Stars Observed by Subaru HDS
 Y. Takeda (Komazawa Univ.)

P9 Violet spectra of silicate carbon stars
 H. Izumiura (NAOJ)

P10 Lyman Break Galaxies at z ~ 5 around HDF-N with Suprime-cam
 I. Iwata (Kyoto Univ.)

P11 Searching for broad Br alpha emission in type 2 Seyfert galaxies
 T. Murayama (Tohoku Univ.)

P12 Search for Asteroidal Satellites
 T. Yanagisawa (Elec. Com. Univ.)

P13 Distant Supernovae
 M. Doi (Univ. of Tokyo)

P14 Subaru support observations for a Venus satellite
 R. Nakamura (NASDA)

P15 Crab pulsar observation with CheSS
 H. Kubo (Kyoto Univ.)

P16 Analysis of the SUBARU HDS spectrum of very metal-poor post-AGB star HR 4049
 M. Parthasarathy (NAOJ)

P17 The most distant region in the solar system
 N. Yamamoto (Tokyo Sci. Univ.)

P19 SXDF strong line emitter survey using IBF574
 Y. Matsuda (Tohoku Univ.)

P20 Performance verification of R23 intermediate-band filter system
 H. Tamura (Tohoku Univ.)

P21 Optical Photometry of Middle-Aged and Old Pulsars with the Subaru/SuPrime-Cam
 N. Kawai (Tokyo Tech. Univ)

P22 Current status of Kyoto 3D spectrograph
 H. Sugai (Kyoto Univ.)

P23 On the accuracy of photometric redshifts estimated with photometric data taken with
 the Subaru intermediate-band filters
 Y. Shioya (Tohoku Univ.)

P24 A Search for Lyman Alpha Emitters at z=3.7
 S. Fujita (Tohoku Univ.)

P25 FOCAS spectroscopy of a Pair of Superbubbles in the powerful radio galaxy
 MRC 0406-244 at z=2.4
 R. Kobayashi (Tohoku Univ.)

P26 Development of a proto-type IRHS
 H. Kobayashi (Nagoya Univ.)

P27 Development of a germanium immersion grating
 N. Ebizuka (Riken)

P28 Gamma-ray burst observations by a combination of HETE-2 and Subaru
 K. Torii (Riken)

P29 Development of a VPH grism for FOCAS and spectroscopic observations of
 Leonid meteo shower
 M. Watanabe (Japan Women Univ.)


2001 Subaru users meeting local organizing committee
Wako Aoki (NAOJ)
Takashi Ichikawa(Tohoku Univ.)
Masatoshi Imanishi (NAOJ)
Toru Yamada (NAOJ)



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