Guidelines for the Use of the Contents in this Website

If you would like to use the Contents found throughout this web site, please follow the policy of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. The complete reference is here.

  • "Contents" means text, visual, and other materials that are copyrighted by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ).
  • Contents may be used without obtaining the permission of the copyright holder provided such use is for personal use, official use for academic research, or educational activities as set forth in the general restrictions on rights in the Copyright Act of Japan. The following specific uses are permitted:
    • educational and learning activities by schools or similar educational institutions, informal learning activities at such institutions as libraries, museums, community centers, and other not-for-profit educational institutions;
    • in news materials created and disseminated by the media.
  • Please explicitly show NAOJ's credit.
  • Please refrain from significant modification of the contents.

If the use of the contents is for commercial or for-profit activities, please get approval for your proposed use from the copyright holders. You may use this form to get permission.

It is not permitted to use our Content:

  • to offend or insult others;
  • to present information in a manner misleading or damaging to NAOJ, related institutions, or groups, individuals, or institutions linked to NAOJ.
You many not make false statements about your use of our Content. For the uses not covered here, please contact NAOJ directly.

Details about this policy can be found at the following site of the National Astronomical Observatory Japan.

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