The Update for S20B Applicants


Important: Hibernation of MOIRCS from S21A is Decided

    After consulting with Subaru community (mainly the Subaru Advisory Committee), the Subaru Telescope has decided to accept the science operation of SWIMS as a PI-type instrument from S21A for two years. In exchange, we have decided to hibernate MOIRCS during the period due to our operational, technical and budgetary reasons.

    It is strongly encouraged to apply the MOIRCS time for S20B semester, if your science can be executed only by the function of MOIRCS but not by that of SWIMS.

    You can find the technical detail about SWIMS from their homepages.

    Any questions regarding SWIMS should be directed to Dr. Kentaro Motohara, the PI of the SWIMS project ().

Two New User Grisms (LightSmyth J/H Grisms) Become Online

    A team led by Prof. Kodama in Tohoku Univ has made two sets of new carry-in user grisms for MOIRCS. They are medium-resolution (similar to the existing VPH-J/H for MOIRCS), high-efficiency and wide bandwidth grisms for J and H (LightSmyth grisms). The installation and the performance evaluation will be done by April 2020. Though these grisms are under the proprietary-use period, the team offers the use of the grisms to the community under collaboration basis (under spared-risk policy). If you are interested in using the grisms, please contact to Prof. Kodama (). Please see the grism inforation for the specification.

    The applicants of the grisms should explicitly describe about the permission status for use in the technical justification.

Unavailability of the VPH-Y/R1300 Grisms

    As has been announced here, the R1300 and the VPH-Y grisms will be unavailable from S20A due to the low rate of the actual use (VPH-Y) and technical problem (R1300). We will install new LightSmyth grisms (see above) instead. If you need VPH-Y for your science after hibernation, please request the SA to reinstall (at least half year before the CfP).

A New User Filter (NB2083) for MOIRCS

    A team led by Prof. Kashikawa in Tokyo Univ has made a pair of new carry-in user filters for MOIRCS. This is the narrowband filter in K band (NB2083, cw=2083nm, bw=27nm). They kindly donated the filters to the observatory in 2020 for community use. Currently they are under the performance evaluation by the observatory. It will be available for use in S20B under shared-risk policy.

Please carefully read the following MOIRCS webpages before you design your observing strategy. If you have any question, please contact the primary support astronmer (see the bottom of the page).

Notes for MOS Applicants


MOIRCS (Multi-Object InfraRed Camera and Spectrograph) provides wide-field imaging and long-slit/multi-object (MOS) spectroscopic capabilities in the 0.9 ~ 2.5 µm spectral range under the natural seeing condition. The 4'×7' field of view is covered by two 2048×2048 infrared detector arrays with the spatial resolution of 0.116 arcsec/pixel. The detector has been updated to the Hawaii2 RG in late 2015.

For the imaging mode, the standard MKO YJHKs filters as well as some narrow-band filters are available. See the Imaging Mode Page for more details.

The MOS performance of MOIRCS spectroscopy mode is the most notable feature of the instrument. Using the cooled aluminum slit masks, MOIRCS can acquire 40 ~ 60 object spectra simultaneously across 0.9~2.5 micron wavelength range. The low-resolution (R~500) and high-resolution (R~3000) grisms are available. See the Spectroscopy Page for more details. All MOS observers/applicants should carefully read the MOS observation pages.

Instrument and Detector

Imaging mode

Spectroscopy mode

Instrument Citation

Please cite the following papers when you refer MOIRCS in your publication.

"Multi-Object Infrared Camera and Spectrograph (MOIRCS) for the Subaru Telescope I. Imaging"
Suzuki, R. et al. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 2008, Vol.60, No.6, pp.1347--1362.
"MOIRCS: Multi-Object Infrared Camera and Spectrograph for SUBARU"
Ichikawa, T. et al. 2006, in Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 6269, 38

For the MOIRCS Upgrade 2015 works, you may refer these papers below.

"The NuMOIRCS Project: Detector Upgrade Overview and Early Commissioning Results"
Walawender, J. et al. 2016, Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 9908, doi: 10.1117/12.2231812
"Detector Upgrade of Subaru's Multi-Object Infrared Camera and Spectrograph (MOIRCS)"
Fabricius, M. et al. 2016, Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 9908, doi: 10.1117/12.2231417

MOIRCS Management Structure

  • Observation Support Astronomers
    • Primary: Dr. Ichi Tanaka (email: )
    • Secondary: Dr. Kentaro Aoki (email: )
  • Primary Instrument Operator / Documentation Responsible
    • Marita Morris (Interim)
  • Data Distribution Resonsible
    • Tom Winegar and Computer Division (email:
  • Instrument Hardware and Software Resonsible
    • Instrument Division (email:
* Please change _AT_ to @ for email address.

Note that any data on the pages are subject to change.

Ichi Tanaka (MOIRCS Support Astronomer: email )

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