Subaru Telescope Introduces Braille Version of Handout

February 11, 2011

Throughout its operation Subaru Telescope has developed and distributed flyers as well as detailed informational brochures targeted primarily for visitors, teachers, and students. It has now expanded access to such information by producing a new Braille handout.

The handouts are available in either English or Japanese. The English version was printed in Hilo, Hawaii while the Japanese one was made in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan at the headquarters of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). Each language edition features Braille printed on both sides of one letter-sized sheet. The Braille characters on the back page are spaced between the lines of those on the front side.

The format of Braille requires more space than a typed letter version of text. Therefore the design of Subaru's new handout synthesized the information so that it would fit on two pages. Rather than using figures or pictures, words convey the essence of the message. For example, the air at the top of Mauna Kea is characterized as "pure and chilly", a description that expresses a feeling of being at the summit.

Visitors to Subaru's facilities can ask for this handout. The new Braille handout will also be available be available in Hawaii at astronomy and science events in Hilo, including public lectures about the Subaru Telescope, and, in Japan at open-house events at NAOJ headquarters in Mitaka, Tokyo. Everyone is welcome to keep the handout and read it any time and anywhere.


Picture: Braille handout of Subaru Telescope

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