Hilo Office Gets A New Front Sign

November 24, 2004

The front sign of the Subaru Telescope Hilo Base Facility received a face lift in October. The name “Subaru Telescope” appears in three languages on the new stainless steel plate: English, Japanese, and Hawaiian. Dr. Glenn Kalena Silva gave Subaru its Hawaiian name. Dr. Silva is the director of Ka Haka ´Ula O Ke´elikolani, the College of Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawai´i at Hilo. Subaru's logo appears on the left of the sign in full color. A sign explaining the organizational structure of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, called “Sokendai” in Japanese, is another new addition to Subaru's Hilo Base. Sokendai is a doctorate-awarding institution designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research and student access to cutting edge research facilities, such as Subaru Telescope, that could not be supported by traditional universities.

Photo: Dr. Glenn Kalena Silva (right) and Dr. Hiroshi Karoji, Director of Subaru Telescope, (left) stand beside the new sign.

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