Subaru Staff -Part 8-

August 23, 2004

We will ccontinue to introduce the operation center staff (current as of date).

Operation Center
Junichi Nomaru

From Fukuoka, Japan
Hobbies: gardening, DIYer

- What is your job at Subaru Telescope?

I run the operation center. My job is to find solutions to problems with the telescope as they arise during observations. I give suggestions to the night crew and talk to specialists as necessary. My priority is to keep information flowing smoothly and accurately between the different groups of people. That keeps telescope running: day crew, operators, support scientists and other staff.

- What requires the most care in your job?

Each worker has different motivations. I try to create an environment that they are able to enjoy and do their best work.

- What is your field of study?

I did optical observation of young stars on the main sequence when I was in graduate school. I observed Herbig-Haro objects and emission nebulae to study their states of motion and evolution. I have been very interested in observational instruments since I was in Kyoto University. I used to stay over night at school building a multi object photometer and observed variable stars with it at a 60-centimeter telescope in Nara. At Subaru Telescope, I have taken part in designing a control system computer for 5 years. This computer is still working as an archive system. Data from observational instruments are stored in the computer, and then reorganized and put into an archive. I am making use of the experiences in my current job.

- How do you spend your time off?

I enjoy gardening, carpentry, and playing with my child.

Operation Center
Tomoko Fuselier

From Tokyo, Japan
Hobbies: Tennis, tea ceremony

- How did you find this job?

I wanted to work near my husband who works at an observatory next door, and I had carrier as a secretary for a long time in Japan. So I sent a resume to Subaru Telescope when I saw this job being advertised.

- What is your job at Subaru?

I help run Subaru’s open use program. Specifically, I manage all schedules for Subaru staff members and visitors. I am responsible for managing and keeping visiting astronomers schedule data up-to-date, including reservations and arrangement of transportation and lodging accommodations. I really care about communication with observers by e-mail and phone for smooth operations.

- What is the most crucial part of your secretarial work?

The basic idea of a secretary’s work is you do more than you are asked. We don’t have any manual, so the decision you make is based on your experience. Dedication is the most important aspect of my work. I want to do something good for Subaru.

- What is the best part of working at Subaru?

It’s fun! It’s wonderful to be working at a place where everybody is confronting the mystery of nature day by day. As an organization, we care for the telescope as if it were our child.

- How do you spend your time off?

I enjoy spending time with my dog. I also take care of my garden.

Operation Center
James Hopkins

From California and Hawaii
Hobbies: playing guitar, soft ball, golf, fishing, fixing things

- What is your job at Subaru?

My official work title is the motor pool / transportation technician. My main job is to maintain and repair all vehicles in the Subaru facility. I could say I am a car doctor. I also support employees with driving skills; train and provide information for safe driving. New employees need to take a drivers’ test with me, and drive up to the summit. I observe whether they are a safe and responsible driver or not. So far, I’ve never had to fail anybody! I help my supervisor’s work with the vehicle reservation system.

- What is your work background?

My father was a car fanatic, so he took me to car races since I was little. I was involved in helping him with different car projects. I like automobiles in general. It seems a natural progression for me to become a maintenance professional. I wanted to know how to fix a car when I broke it. Then, I went to a school and learned the basics about auto repairing and how they work, and so forth. I worked in garages and shops before I came here.

- How do you spend your time off?

I do things around my house. I work on my car. Some weekends, I play golf, or I go to the beach and stay there to relax with my family and friends.

- What advice would you give to people who want to find a job like yours?

Like any other job, you work hard and set attainable goals yourself. Anything is possible if you believe you can do it. I think it takes a little bit of luck, but for the most part, you make your luck with you’re work ethics and how you go about doing things. If you work hard, good things usually happen. It is just a positive attitude.

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