July 13, 2004

We are happy to announce that we will be offering guided tours of the telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea beginning October 1.

  1. Tours will be by prior reservations on our web site only. Tours will be offered three times a day, on week days.
  2. Our staff guide will show and explain the telescope facility.
  3. Tours of visitors arriving with their own transportation will be limited to 8 visitors per tour. Tours of visitors arriving with licensed local tour operators will be limited to 14 visitors. This number limit is set by how many people our staff guide can safely usher through the enclosure.
  4. Our staff guide will meet visitors with reservations outside the telescope enclosure at a pre-appointed time (10:30AM, 11:30AM, 1:30PM) and escort them inside the enclosure. The tour will last about 30 minutes. Tour will be followed the route below.

    (1) Enter inside the enclosure from the door closest to meeting place. Take two elevators to reach third floor of the enclosure.
    (2) Walk to a balcony to view the telescope.
    (3) Return along the same route and go to the first floor of the enclosure to see the primary mirror recoating facilities.
    (4) Exit the enclosure at the end of the tour.

  5. Under circumstances that threaten the safety of visitors or the telescopes operation such as hazardous weather conditions we may be forced to cancel a tour.

You may sign up for a tour as soon as the tour schedule becomes available on our web site.

  • October 2004: August 2, 11 AM, Hawaii Standard Time (GMT – 10hrs).
  • November 2004: September 1, 9 AM, Hawaii Standard Time (GMT – 10hrs).

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