Advanced Technology Center

July 25, 2003

To perform an astronomical observation, astronomers attach a camera or a spectrograph to a telescope. These astronomical instruments are designed and manufactured by astronomers themselves or in cooperation with industrial companies, considering the specifications required for actual observations. Advanced Technology Center (ATC) was established as an open use facility inside the campus of National Astronomical Observatory, Mitaka, in 1994, when the developments of Subaru instruments extensively started. It is used by researchers and graduate students at universities involved in astronomical instrumentations. Many of Subaru instruments were completed using ATC facilities.

ATC consists of two main parts; one is a project office and the other is an open use facility. Instruments for ground-based telescopes, balloons, and satellites are developed and constructed in the project office. The open use facility has a design shop for mechanical, optical, and electronic designs; a machine shop for mechanical construction; an electric shop for the development of electronics; an opt-shop equipped with precision machinesfor optics; a clean room. Staffs of ATC develop and maintain these facilities.


Machine shop
Many facilities are inside this building with 2 floors (partly 3 floors). Many machines are available. Using them, expert technical staffs are constructing instruments.

The development of astronomical instruments is endless. When a project is finished, another new project starts. Now that the fraction of facilities and man-powers used for the development of Subaru instruments has decreased, much efforts are being made for developing and testing instruments for SOLAR-B, the solar observing satellite, and ALMA, an international project for sub-millimeter astronomy. We will continue to fulfill demands from astronomers in various kinds of fields for developing instruments.

An infrared simulator
Laboratory works for the laser guide AO system for Subaru are made. A 1.5m diameter infrared telescope located inside the ATC building. The Subaru instruments, CISCO and AO, were first tested using this telescope, and then transferred to Hawaii.



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