Astronaut Kouichi Wakata Visits Subaru Telescope

June 27, 2002

On May 16, astronaut Kouichi Wakata (left in photo) from the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) visited the base facility of Subaru Telescope. He and Hiroshi Karoji, director of Subaru Telescope (right in photo), discussed results from the Subaru Telescope and the future of space development.

The PR Office of Subaru Telescope also had a chance to talk to him:
--- What are you working on lately?
I am working on robotics and extra-vehicular activities for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) at the NASA Astronaut Office at Johnson Space Center in Houston, while also continuing training as a Mission Specialist.

--- What are the future plans for you and NASDA?
There are eight Japanese astronauts working in varying capacities for the space program, and one, Soichi Noguchi, is scheduled for a space flight next year. As for me, I will continue to work on my technical assignments in support of the development and operation of the Space Shuttle and Space Station programs, as well as participate, together with my colleagues of the Japanese astronaut corps, in training for the assembly of "Kibo", the Japanese experiment module on the International Space Station, and for a long duration expedition on the ISS.

--- What are your hopes for Subaru Telescope?
Space is a frontier providing unlimited dreams for everyone. I hope that Subaru Telescope will continue to take a leading role in exploring the unknown and deepening our knowledge of space, guiding us in our quest for answers to where we came from and where we are headed.



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