Subaru Staff -Part 1-

January 3, 2002

We introduce staff who work for Subaru Telescope from now on. In this article, we feature director Hiroyasu Ando and the director's office staff (current as of date).


Hiroyasu Ando

Born in Hyougo prefecture, Japan.
Hobby is playing Baseball and started playing golf in Hawaii.

- What is the director's job at Subaru Telescope?

My principal jobs include deciding the observatory’s policies, operating the Subaru Telescope, and making the workplace ideal for all the staff. Besides that, being a good adviser for the staff is one of my important jobs. As a scientist, I am working on research with my colleagues and graduates students.

- What is your trigger for this job?

Well… participating in the Subaru project in the early days was the trigger for my job, I think.

- What would you like to see next with Subaru Telescope?

I wish to polish up the telescope performance to a higher level and also make efforts to establish a more effective telescope operation system. To accomplish this, I think our organization should be modified and reinforced in the near future. Then we can compete with the international counterparts like Keck, Gemini, and VLT.

- What do you do on off days?

I spend my time playing baseball and golf, reading books, and traveling around the Hawaiian Islands with my wife.

- What advice would you give to people who are studying astronomy, and hope to work in an astronomical observatory?

All I can say is “hold on to your dreams and work hard to make them a reality.”



Director's Office

Born in Osaka, Japan.
Hobby is traveling.


- What is your job at the director's office?

I am the manager of Subaru Telescope. My duties include managing and supporting our staff members for the every day operations. I'm also doing my own research work as well.

- What made you to work at Subaru Telescope?

When I was working in South Africa, Dr. Kodaira and Dr. Kaifu, who were the instigators of the Subaru project, invited me to work at Subaru. That was the reason I joined this project.


- What do you usually do on your off day?

Lately, I have been really busy tending to my garden, or reading books when I have time.

- What advice would you give to people who are studying Astronomy, and hope to work in an astronomical observatory?

At any rate, there are so many things still you can do, because astronomy is a fairly big field of study. I am sure you can find something you are truly interested in among the fields of astronomy. Please hold on to your ambitions and work towards the things you want to do most.



Director's Office
Debbie Guthier

Born in Hilo, Hawaii.
Hobby is crafts.


- What is your job at Subaru?

I am the project assistant of the director’s office. I mainly take care of the paper work for new hires and provide assistance for the staff. I also help to maintain the summit work schedule, so everybody will know who will be at the summit, who is working on what project, and who is in charge of it. I also help with staff's paperwork for business trip and vacation trip leave. So my work is a secretary for everyone here.

- What is your trigger for this job?

One day, a job was advertised in the newspaper for a sectary position, so I applied for it, and luckily I was hired.

- How do you spend your weekend?

Well, I actually do not have time to do my own thing. My son plays basketball and baseball, so I spend my time taking him to his functions on the weekend.

- What is your impression of working at Subaru?

I would say it is a good place to work at. There are new things happening everyday, and new developments.


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