Conclusion of Recovery Work

(October 25, 2013 Hawaii Time)

Since the coolant leak onto the primary mirror in July, 2011, Subaru Telescope has taken a series of diligent steps to assure its full recovery. Recovery work has included meticulous inspection and cleaning of the affected areas. Follow-up efforts concluded during the summer of 2013, when the primary mirror was thoroughly cleaned, realuminized, and inspected. Given the significant impact of the leak, the telescope engineering and science operation divisions remain vigilant in ensuring the effective operation of the telescope and its instruments. Subaru Telescope continues to give special attention to the careful design, installation, and monitoring of its equipment.


  • Conclusion of Recovery Work (October 25, 2013): Report

  • Resumption of Open-Use Observations with FOCAS Marks Functionality of Subaru Telescope's Entire Suite of Instruments (October 24, 2012): Report

  • Resumption of Open-Use Observations at Prime Focus with Suprime-Cam (July 16, 2012): Report

  • Resumption of Open Use Observations at Primary Focus with an Infrared Instrument (October 21, 2011): Report

  • Fourth Report (September 13, 2011): Report

  • Third Report (July 27, 2011) : Report

  • Second Report (July 14, 2011) : Report

  • First Report (July 4, 2011) : Report Appendix

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