HDS Exposure Time Calculator

Input flux spectrum

magnitude: Power law Spectral index: (Sν ~ ν)
Redshift: Blackbody Temperature: K
Template (from the UVKLIB spectral library)

Instrument setting

For non-standard setups, use the grating with a central wavelength of A
(default selects the most appropriate grating for the wavelength range).

Pre-Slit Optics :   
Messia: Messia4 Messia5
Binning: (spatial × spectral)
Echelle grating angle: degrees. Detector rotation angle: degrees
Slit / Image Slicer : (Slit Width [for normal slit] arcsecond)
Seeing size: arcsecond

Exposure time: seconds.

Note1: Use HDS Echelle Format Simulator to check the detailed spectrum format with the desired instrument setting.

Note2: Since the template spectra cover a limited wavelength range, correct normalization of the spectrum may not be possible at high redshift.

Note3: The efficiency of Image Slicer is compared with the normal slit (0.3 (for IS#1), 0.45 (for IS#2), or 0.2 (for IS#3) slit width) observation. If this value is presented in red, the order gap might be too small.

Akito Tajitsu, 16 February 2018
Chris Simpson, 4 January 2002

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