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Subaru Users' Meeting FY2014
すばるユーザーズミーティング 2014年度

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Application for "Contributed Talk," "Financial Support," "Poster," and "Banquet" is CLOSED. We appreciate your registrations.
Of course, participation without registration is welcome!


Date | 日時

January 13, 2015 (Tue) 10:00 ~ January 15 (Thu) 16:30
2014年1月13日(火)10:00 ~ 15日(木)16:30

Venue | 場所

Large Seminar Room, Subaru Bldg., NAOJ Mitaka Campus
国立天文台三鷹キャンパス すばる棟 大セミナー室

Host and Sponsor | 主催

Subaru Advisory Committee, Subaru Telescope - NAOJ

Banquet | 懇親会

January 14 (Wed) 18:00~, at "Suzu-no-ne" (2-minute walk from South exit, JR Mitaka Station)

The participation fees are below.
Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor (include Research Fellow): 5,000 yen
Student: 3,000 yen
Other: 4,000 yen

Please pay the fee at reception of the meeting.


This year is the 15th anniversary of Subaru Telescope, and the Subaru open-use has been in operation for nearly 14 yrs. Subaru has been continuously producing cutting-edge science thanks to its variety of unique instruments. Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) has started a Subaru Strategic Program (SSP) with an allocation of 300 nights over 5 yrs. The HSC-SSP is going to deliver overwhelmingly wide and yet deep imaging data, which will open new science windows in ever-growing various fields in astronomy. TMT will be built on top of Mauna-Kea with the estimated first light to be seen in early 2020's. In order for Subaru Telescope to continue and enhance its great momentum in collaboration with TMT, the Subaru community must consider and discuss seriously the strategies for Subaru in the TMT Era, including the effective use of the telescope time and the development of future instruments. Collaborations among Mauna-Kea International Observatories as well as neighbouring East Asian countries and beyond will become even more important.
Under these circumstances, we encourage the Subaru community to gather at this Users' meeting, to present their recent scientific results based on Subaru, and also to participate in the intensive discussions on the Subaru strategy of the decade. The whole meeting will be conducted in English this time.


Abstracts and PDF files

January 13 (Tue) 10:00-17:30

Business Session

(Chairman: H. Okita)

  1. 10:00-10:30 Director's report (30min): Nobuo Arimoto (Subaru) [PDF]
  2. 10:30-10:40 Telescope status report (10min): Naruhisa Takato (Subaru) [PDF]
  3. 10:40-10:55 Instrument status report (15min): Philip Tait (Subaru) [abstract] [PDF]
  4. 10:55-11:05 Computer system status report (10min): Kiaina Schubert (Subaru) [abstract] [PDF]
  5. 11:05-11:15 STARS/MASTARS (10min): Tom Winegar (Subaru) [PDF]
  6. 11:15-11:25 SMOKA (10min): Yuichi Higuchi (NAOJ) [abstract] [PDF]
  7. 11:25-11:45 SAC report (20min): Nobunari Kashikawa (NAOJ) [PDF]
  8. 11:45-12:05 TAC report (20min): Takuya Yamashita (NAOJ) [PDF]

Lunch (85min)

Business Session continued

(Chairman: N. Kashikawa)

  1. 13:30-13:45 HSC (15min): Satoshi Miyazaki (NAOJ) [PDF]
  2. 13:45-14:05 Discussion - Queue mode observartion of HSC (20min): Tae-Soo Pyo (Subaru) [abstract] [PDF]
  3. 14:05-14:20 PFS (15min): Naoyuki Tamura (Kavli IPMU) [abstract] [PDF]
  4. 14:20-14:35 PFS acceptance (15min): Naruhisa Takato (Subaru) [PDF]
  5. 14:35-14:50 Discussion - FMOS decommission (15min): Naruhisa Takato (Subaru) [PDF]
  6. 14:50-15:05 ULTIMATE (15min): Yutaka Hayano (NAOJ) [PDF]
  7. 15:05-15:25 Discussion - Impact of ULTIMATE on Subaru (20min): Tadayuki Kodama (NAOJ)
Break (15min)
  1. 15:40-16:10 Discussion - East Asian Observatory (30min): Masahiko Hayashi (NAOJ), Paul Ho (EAO/ASIAA), Nagayoshi Ohashi (Subaru) [PDF1] [PDF2]
  2. 16:10-16:30 TMT progress report (20min): Tomonori Usuda (NAOJ) [abstract] [PDF]
  3. 16:30-17:30 PI Instruments (60min)

January 14 (Wed) 9:00-16:00

Mauna-Kea International Observatories

(Chairman: T. Kodama)

  1. 09:00-09:30 Keck report (30min): Hilton Lewis (Keck)
  2. 09:30-10:00 Gemini report (30min): Scot Kleinman (Gemini) [PDF]
  3. 10:00-10:30 CFHT report (30min): Doug Simons (CFHT) [PDF]
Break (15min)
  1. 10:45-11:15 IfA-UH report (30min): Guenther Hasinger (Univ of Hawaii) [PDF]
  2. 11:15-12:00 Poster short talks (1.5min x 20): P01-P20, and P24

Lunch (90min)

Science Session

(Chairman: T. Miyata)

SSP programs
  1. 13:30-13:55 Motohide Tamura (Univ of Tokyo) "The SEEDS project" [PDF]
  2. 13:55-14:20 Tomonori Totani (Univ of Tokyo) "The FastSound project" [abstract] [PDF]
General talks
  1. 14:20-14:35 Takashi Hamana (NAOJ) "SuprimeCam weak lensing peak counts and their implications for the dark matter mass-concentration relation" [abstract] [PDF]
  2. 14:35-14:50 Hitoshi Hanami (Iwate Univ) "Unveiling Star Formation and AGNs in LBGs, BBGs, and (U)LIRGs comparing with deep JVLA imagings" [abstract] [PDF]
Break (15min)
  1. (CANCELED) 15:05-15:20 Masao Hayashi (NAOJ) "Physical conditions of the interstellar medium in star-forming galaxies at z~1.5" [abstract]
  2. 15:20-15:35 Natsuko Izumi (Univ of Tokyo) "Star formation in the extreme outer Galaxy: Digel Cloud 1" [abstract] [PDF]
  3. 15:35-15:50 Daichi Kashino (Nagoya Univ) "The FMOS-COSMOS survey: Measurement of galaxy density field and clustering properties at z~1.6" [abstract] [PDF]
  4. 15:50-16:05 Akira Konno (Univ of Tokyo) "Accelerated Evolution of Lyman-Alpha Luminosity Function at z~7 and the Physical Pictures" [abstract] [PDF]

*** The conference room should be vacated by 16:30. ***

Banquet 18:00-

January 15 (Thu) 10:00-16:30

Science Session continued

(Chairman: K. Yabe)

  1. 10:00-10:15 Yusei Koyama (JAXA) "MAHALO-Subaru 2014: from panoramic to microscopic views of galaxy evolution across cosmic environments" [abstract] [PDF]
  2. 10:15-10:30 Genoveva Micheva (Subaru) "New analysis of LyC leaking z~3 galaxies in the SSA22 field" [abstract] [PDF]
  3. 10:30-10:45 Kumiko Morihana (Univ of Hyogo) "Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Study of the Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission using Subaru/MOIRCS" [abstract] [PDF]
  4. 10:45-11:00 Tomoki Morokuma (Univ of Tokyo) "A Peculiar Radio-Loud Narrow-Line Seyfert 1" [abstract] [PDF]
  5. 11:00-11:15 Yuta Notsu (Kyoto Univ) "High dispersion spectroscopy of solar-type superflare stars" [abstract] [PDF]
  6. 11:15-11:30 Nobuhiro Okabe (Kavli IPMU) "LoCuSS : Subaru Weak-lensing Study of 50 Galaxy Clusters" [abstract] [PDF]
  7. 11:30-11:45 Yoshiharu Shinnaka (Kyoto Sangyo Univ) "Nitrogen Isotopic Ratios in Cometary Ammonia" [abstract] [PDF]

Lunch (105min)

Science session continued

(Chairman: T. Kodama)

  1. 13:30-13:45 Yuhei Takagi (Univ of Hyogo) "Disk Dissipation Timescale of Pre-main Sequence Stars" [abstract] [PDF]
  2. 13:45-14:00 Nozomu Tominaga (Konan Univ) "Shock breakout survey with Hyper Suprime-Cam" [abstract] [PDF]
  3. 14:00-14:15 Kohji Tsumura (Tohoku Univ) "Near-Infrared Brightness of the Galilean Satellites Eclipsed in Jovian Shadow" [abstract] [PDF]


  1. 14:15-15:30 Decommission of current instruments on Subaru (75min): Ikuru Iwata (Subaru) [PDF] [Instrument Planning Web Page]
Break (15min)
  1. 15:45-16:30 Synergy with space missions (45min):

End of the meeting (16:30)

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Application for "Contributed Talk," "Financial Support," "Poster," and "Banquet" is CLOSED. We appreciate your registrations.
Of course, participation without registration is welcome!
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Subaru Users' Meeting FY2014

Nobunari Kashikawa, Takashi Miyata (Subaru Advisory Committee)
Tadayuki Kodama, Hirofumi Okita, Kiyoto Yabe, and Subaru secretaries (Subaru Telescope)
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