The workshop will take place at the Kilauea Military Camp within the Volcanoes National Park, Big-Island, State of Hawaii, in the US. This workshop is scheduled to take place over the weekend break between the two weeks of the IAU General Assembly. We have a block booking for accommodation at the KMC.

Flights between Honolulu and Hilo are frequent and inexpensive. Most participants will want to arrive on Friday evening (August 7) in time for the reception, and leave on Monday (August 10). KMC is about an hour's drive from Hilo airport.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is US$100. It can ONLY be paid in cash on site. The regstration hour will be between 18:00 and 22:00 on the Friday night in the room of the conference reseption (left of the lobby) and from 8am on the Saturday. You will be issued a receipt once you pay. Please bring the cash with you otherwise there is an ATM in the lobby of KMC.

If you received a grant which covers registration, you will not need to pay on site.

Entrance Fee

Non-commercial groups entering the park in a bus will be charged $8.00 for each person on board. For non-commercial vehicle, you have to pay $15.00 per vehicle. Please pay the fee individually. They accept credit card at the gate. Sorry for the late notice.


All meetings and presentations for this workshop will take place at the Kilauea Military Camp.


We have a block booking for accommodation at the KMC. Thanks to SCAR, we can offer 1 free night of accommodation to all participants who choose to stay there. You pay only the second and third night accommodation fee ranging between $132-158 per night to the KMC on site.


Thanks to SCAR, the welcome reception on Friday, the conference dinner on Saturday, and lunches on all days are included. All breakfasts and one dinner (Sunday) are left to the participant to arrange.

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception will be held on Friday at 19:30 - 22:00, at the left of the lobby. There will be plenty of food so people do not need to rush to get dinner as well as drinks. This is included in the conference registration cost and we encourage you all to try make it to this event as its a great way to kick off the weekend in a festive manner.

If you have people travelling with you who would like to attend it will cost US$30 for adults and US$15 for children payable in cash on the night. Please let LOC know of any visitors who will be attending ahead of time.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be held at Volcano House. A nice restaurant right on the rim of the crater. The conference dinner is included in the cost of registration so no extra charge to attendees.

If you would like to bring people travelling with you, the cost will be US$100 and is payable on the day in cash (this includes food and drinks). You must notify LOC with the name and entree choice ahead of time.

10-pin bowling

On the Sunday night following the hike we will hire some lanes at the bowling center at KMC for some fun. Your welcome to join us at no cost. No need to tell us ahead of time, we will ask you at the beginning of the conference.

Visa Requirements

Foreign travelers coming to the United States to conduct temporary business need Visitor Visas unless they qualify for entry under the Visa Waiver Program.

Please email LOC if an invitation letter is required for your visa requirement.

Access to the Big Island (Island of Hawaii)

There are two airports on the Big Island: Hilo International Airport (ITO) and Kona International Airport (KOA). We recommend flying into Hilo airport for this workshop.

Almost all flights to/from Hilo are operated by Hawaiian Airlines, frequently and inexpensively. Please access the following links to find and arrange your flinght.

We recommend the following flights for coming to Hilo on Friday, August 7.

Flight # Dpt. Honolulu Arr. Hilo
HA162 13:39 14:30
HA212 15:12 16:03
HA192 15:45 16:36
HA142 16:34 17:35

We also recommend the following flights for returning to Honolulu on Monday, August 10.

Flight # Dpt. Hilo Arr. Honolulu
HA161 16:01 16:53
HA141 17:57 18:48
HA361 18:28 19:13
HA381 19:02 19:52

Access to the Kilauea Military Camp / Volcanoes National Park

Kilauea Military Camp is located in the Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island.

KMC is about an hour's drive, 29 miles from Hilo airport. There is a shuttle which runs to and from the airport everyday on a regular schedule. There are 3 scheduled buses departures daily from Hilo airport and 1 specifically at 18:10 arranged by SCAR for late comers ONLY on Friday evening. Below is a list of departure times for the KMC shuttle service from Hilo airport on August 7.

From Hilo airport to KMC
18:20 (*)

Below is a list of departure times for the KMC shuttle service from KMC to Hilo airport on August 10. There are 3 scheduled buses and a special charter one at 16:00 ONLY on Monday.

From KMC to Hilo airport
16:00 (*)

Note: (*) are additional shuttles for the conference available only on Friday or on Monday.

Everyone is booked on the shuttle they requested. Please be on time for your shuttle at the airport. If you get stuck or delayed, let LOC know via email.

You will NOT need to pay US$10 on the bus because this charge will be covered by SCAR. Payments are processed on board only in which case you will pay but be reimbursed. However, people travelling with you who would also like to take the shuttle will have to pay US$10 on the bus (i.e. they are not covered by SCAR). Please let LOC know who they are and which shuttles they need as well.

Please note, if you can't ride the original four shuttles, you will have to organize a taxi or other means at your own cost.

The shuttle bus will be in the parking lot right next to baggage claim. Hirofumi Okita, a member of LOC, will stay at at the airport between 15:00 and 18:20 on Friday for your convenience.