Procedures regarding the travel support allowance on overseas business trip

1 Summary for travel expenses

Subaru Telescope offers travel support to visitors who work in Japanese research institutes. The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) allows expenses for a stay (a daily allowance, accommodation charges) and transportation based on the departure and the arrival at the station closest to the affiliated organization. The stay expense is allowed depends on the status (wage level, degree) of one's self. Although all the fare for the international airline is allowed, domestic transportation expenses is calculated by NAOJ based on the appropriate route. 

*Depends on the hotel you stay in Hilo, your total expense may exceed the amount that NAOJ reimburses you. Please choose your hotel carefully before you submit your visitor form.

Your travel expenses will be credited to your bank account. Please make an account registration if you do not have bank account. Please fill out the "Furikomi Iraisho" and send it to Ms. Takamoto, Subaru Project via e-mail. Apposition of a seal is not necessary.

Download "Furikomi Iraisho" Microsoft Word     Adobe PDF (In Japanese only)

2 Use charge of Hale Pohaku

Because Subaru Telescope pays for the use of Hale Pohaku, accommodation fee and a daily allowance during the stay at Hale Pohaku are not paid to the visitor as travel expenses.

3 Arrangements of airline ticket

Please make a reservation and payment for the airline ticket on your own (please defray it). You can purchase the ticket from any travel companies, but please choose the one that can issue the estimate, the schedule, and the receipt. Because the airline ticket that can be changed many times would be expensive, please choose a ticket that is not changeable or the one that can be changed only once for returning flight (you may hang the alteration charge). You will be able to book your flight on any website, however, you need to submit a copy of e-ticket. If you use "Expedia", you need to request a receipt. In case you change your daily schedule, special procedure will be needed.

4 Required documentation for traveling expenses claim

In order to receive your travel expense, the original copies of the estimate, the itinerary and the receipt issued by the travel agency are necessary. Please confirm with your travel agency to issue these three documents when you purchase your airplane ticket. The name on the bill should be your name not the "National Astronomical Observatory of Japan".

5 Proceeding for the business trip
Please fax your flight itinerary and the estimate to Ms. Takamoto, Subaru Project. The fax number is 0422-34-3527. After confirming the detail of the itinerary, the NAOJ will issue the business trip request to sub-organs.
6 Submitting the Subaru Telescope Visitor Form

Please fill in and submit the Subaru Telescope Visitor Form . The visitor form must be submitted two weeks before your observation.

Based on your visitor form, the Subaru Telescope will make reservations for hotels in Hilo, a rent-a-car, and Hale Pohaku. If your observation is not with the Subaru Telescope, such as UH88, Gemini, or Keck, please make a reservation for Hale Pohaku at each institute.

7 Submitting important documentations
After you obtain all three documentations, the travel estimate, the itinerary, and the receipt, please mail these original documentations to Ms. Takamoto, Subaru Project. It would be not problem purchasing your ticket from any travel agency as long as your agency issues those three documents, however, the following two agencies would issue documents and directly mail them to Subaru Project.
If you purchase from one of the following agencies, please inform them that it is the Subaru expense.

Nippon Express
TEL: 03-3573-8511 FAX: 03-3573-8531
Miyuki Shiraishi   E-mail:
Business hour 09:00-18:00 (Close on Weekends and Holidays)

Kinki Nippon Tourist, BTM Group
TEL: 03-6891-9338 FAX: 03-6891-9405
Rinko Onuki    E-mail:
Tetsuya Harasawa E-mail:
Kimiaki Morimoto E-mail:

8 Submitting "Shucchou Kanryou todoke" and other documents
After you return from your business trip, please send the following four documentations to Ms. Takamoto, Subaru Project.

1.  Shucchou Kanryou todoke

2.  Original stubs of the all your boarding passes (If you lost the stubs, please submit a copy of your passport where your departure and return dates are indicated. And also a copy of your ID picture page.)

3. Receipts of hotels

4. Shucchou hokokusho with your signature and a personal seal (*)

Send to: Ms. Masami Takamoto, Subaru Project, NAOJ 
             2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-8588 (Tel:0422-34-3516)

(*) Ms. Takamoto will send the form of Shucchou houkoku via e-mail after you return from the business trip. Please review the form and send it with your signature and a personal seal. If the NAOJ staff goes on a business trip, Ms. Takamoto asks to sign and seal directly.

A procedure will be initiated once all documentations are collected. (Flight itinerary, estimate, receipt, "shucchou kanryou todoke", original stubs of all your boaring passes [or the copy of your passport], receipts of hotels, and "shucchou houkokusho"). Three or four weeks after submitting these documentations, the travel expense will be credited to the assigned bank account.

9 Advance payment of travel expenses

If you wish to receive your travel expenses before your departure, the advance payment is available. However, your travel schedule must be set in concrete a month before your departure. Changing your schedule and adjusting an account after the trip will affect the operation and decrease the efficiency; therefore, please avoid rescheduling. (please consider that rescheduling is substantively impossible.)

Please submit the original flight estimate and the original itinerary to Ms. Takamoto, Subaru Project by one month before your departure and request for advance payment for travel expenses. Please submit the airfare receipt to Ms. Takamoto, Subaru Project after receiving the receipt from the travel agency. As same as the general case, you need to submit "shucchou kanryou todoke", the original stubs of the all your boarding passes (or the copy of your passport), the receipts of hotels, and "shucchou houkokusho" after returning from the trip.
You can request for the advance payment of travel expenses as long as your travel schedule does not change.

Contact Information for Travel Support:

Mitaka, NAOJ: Open Use Section, Subaru Project
  • Contact person: Masami Takamoto
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 0422-34-3516
  • Fax: 0422-34-3527


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