Current instrument status

  • Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) is available under a "shared-risk" mode in S17B.

  • Suprime-Cam is opening until S17A under a "shared-risk" mode and will not be available since S17B. No guiding available for Suprime-Cam in S17A, due to serious problem of the auto guider. The maximum exposure time should be less than 900 s to avoid the tracking error.

  • A new PI instrument, CHARIS, is opened since S17A. CHARIS is operated with SCExAO. The instrument exchange between CHARIS/SCExAO and HiCIAO/SCExAO can be easily done during the same observation night. VAMPIRES can be operated simultaneously with HiCIAO/SCExAO or CHARIS/SCExAO NIR observations.

  • Kyoto3DII is re-opened in S17A and will not be available in S17B.

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    01 February, 2017

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