Suprime-Cam instrument parameters (MIT)

The information of this page is about MIT CCD, which is used for Suprime-Cam till 2008/07.
Detectors MIT/LL 2048x4096
Number of CCDs 10 (arranged in 5x2 pattern)
Pixel size 15 um
Pixel scale 0.20''
Field of view approx 34' x 27'
Gain 2.6 e-/ADU
Read noise 10 e-
Readout time 60 s
Saturation level 80 000 e-
Number of filters maximum of 10
Filter exchange time 300 s(1)

(1) Additional time may be required as filters cannot be exchanged at low elevation.

Note that the 10 CCDs do not provide uninterrupted sky coverage. The gaps between adjacent CCDs correspond to approximately 16'' on the sky. Three exposures are required to cover a contiguous region of sky.

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