FOCASRED (= "FOCAS" Data "RED"uction Package)


FOCASRED is the compilation of various kinds of software for FOCAS.

Where you can get this software? and How to use them?


setenv FOCASRED_FITS_IN /wr25/ohyama/MRC/                      <--- Input dir. for FITS data: specify your working dir. containing FOCAS images
setenv FOCASRED_FITS_OUT /wr25/ohyama/MRC/ <--- Output dir. for FITS data: specify your working dir.
setenv FOCASRED_DATA_IN /remote/home1/ohyamayi/FOCASRED/DATA/ <--- Input dir. for FOCASRED system: specify ?/FOCASED/DATA/
setenv FOCASRED_DATA_OUT /remote/home1/ohyamayi/FOCASRED/DATA/ <--- Output dir. for FOCASRED system: specify ?/FOCASRED/DATA/

Type "idlde" in your computer terminal.


Tips for non-Sun users

If you find an error something like this:

Unsupported X Window visual (class: StaticGray, depth: 0).
Substituting default (class: <UndefinedVisual>, Depth: 0).
Execution halted at: $MAIN$

(Parameters may change according to your computer environment)

and found any IDL windows show up in your display, try the following:



in the command line at the bottom of the IDLDE window. If you fail again, see the IDL help (from upper right of the IDLDE window) on "The X Windows Device" (in "IDL reference"/"IDL Graphics Devices").

I know this kind of troubles happened when one uses an X-window on Linux.