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01: Base Facility
02: Observer’s kit
03: Going To Mauna Kea
04: Saddle Road 1
05: Saddle Road 2
06: Access Road
07: Hale Pohaku (HP)
08: HP Checking in
09: HP Amenities
10: To the Summit
11: Road to the Summit
12: Arriving At Subaru
13: Inside Subaru
14: Meeting Time
15: Equipment Check
16: Instrument Inspection
17: Weather Monitor
18: Observation Starts
19: Observation Continues
20: End of Observation
Arriving at Subaru Telescope Base Facility

01: Arriving at Subaru Telescope Base Facility

ALOHA. You have arrived at the Subaru Telescope Base Facility. This facility is located in Hilo above the University of Hawaii at Hilo campus on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The staff at Subaru total about 120 people and are from all over the world. Inside the Base Facility, there is a library, remote observing room for controlling the telescope, experiment laboratory, supercomputer room, and offices for visiting astronomers (Rm 204). Let's go inside the facility.

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