Subaru Telescope

The Subaru telescope is Japan's premier optical-infrared telescope operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Located on Maunakea on the island of Hawaii, the telescope, with an effective aperture of 8.2 m, is also one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced telescopes. Through the open use program astronomers throughout the world have access to Subaru's excellent image quality.

Hilo Base Facility

The NAOJ Hawaii Observatory was officially established in April 1997, following the completion of its base facility building in Hilo, Hawaii. "Subaru Telescope" can refer to the telescope itself or the entire observatory organization. Due to the difficulty of operating at high altitude, most of the support work for the telescope is conducted in Hilo by a staff of about 100 people. The Hilo Base Facility houses several research laboratories, a library, and extensive computing facilities including a supercomputer.

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)

NAOJ is an inter-university research facility for carrying out astronomy research at the national level. It builds and operates first class research facilities for researchers throughout Japan and facilitates international collaboration. Subaru is one of the ten NAOJ facilities and has close ties with the NAOJ Optical and Infrared Astronomy Division, the Okayama Astrophysical Observatory (also operating in the optical/near-infrared), and three other facilities at the NAOJ Mitaka headquarters (the Astronomical Data Analysis Center, the Advanced Technology Center, and the Public Relations Center).



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