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About Subaru Live Camera

These images show the current views around the Subaru Telescope summit facilities. The images are updated every a few minutes. Please click the "reload" button on your web browser to see the latest images.

Since there are no streetlights at the summit area, the images shown here get dark during nighttime.

Views of Mauna Kea Summit from Subaru Telescope

north northeast
North view.
The control building of Subaru Telescope is seen on the right side.
Northeast view.
Keck I/II are seen on the right side.
南 南東
South view.
CSO and JCMT are seen on the left side and the center, respectively.
Southeast view.
Keck, IRTF, CFHT, Gemini, UH88, and UKIRT are seen from the left to right.

Movie version is also available here.



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