January 16, 2013

  1. Job position: Assistant Professor.

  2. (1) Divisiton: Subaru Telescope (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
    (2) Location: 650 A'ohoku Place, Hilo, HI 96720, U.S.A.

  3. Areas of expertise: Astronomy and/or related fields

  4. Job Description:
    The operation of the Subaru Telescope (NAOJ) currently focuses on open-use observations as well as support of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Project. We are seeking an assistant professor (Head of Science Operations) who will play a central role in a) ensuring the smooth, safe scientific operations of Subaru Telescope for open-use observations; b) mapping the scientific roles of Subaru Telescope in the TMT era; and c) maintaining high levels of scientific output.
    For more specific information on the duties and responsibilities, qualifications, and compensation for the position, see below.

  5. Term of Employment: The starting date is ASAP after the offer and acceptance of the position, which could continue until NAOJ's mandatory retirement age. A review for continuation of the appointment will occur before the beginning of the sixth year, and the review may result in a request for transfer to another position within NAOJ.

  6. Minimum Educational Requirement: Ph.D. or its equivalent

  7. Required Application Materials:
    (a) Curriculum Vitae
    (b) Publication list
    (c) Summary of past research activities as they relate to astronomical research, research and development (R&D), and the operation of the telescope and its instrumentation.
    (d) Research plan that includes not only an individual research plan but also addresses the applicant's perspective on his/her leadership role in the science operations of the Subaru Telescope and the alignment (with possible redefinition) of the scientific roles at the telescope as the TMT era begins.
    (e) Names and contact information of three (3) references
    (f) Applicant's e-mail address

  8. Application Deadline: All materials must be received by no later than February 28, 2013

  9. Details of the Application Procedure
    (a) Send all materials and reference letters (if any) by E-MAIL to: (replace _AT_ with @)
    (b) Format of materials
    1. Convert each application document to a PDF file and attach each to the application e-mail. Do not make a single file that includes all of the documents; and, do not use a compressed or zipped file.
    2. Pay attention to the size of attached PDF files. Each file should be less than 10 MB.
    (c) Address questions about the position and/or application to:
    Professor Nobuo Arimoto, Director, Subaru Telescope (NAOJ)
    650 North A'ohoku Place, Hilo, HI 96720, U.S.A. (replace _AT_ with @)

  10. Processing of Application
    (a) An applicant will receive an acknowledgement of his/her submitted application. If acknowledgement is not received within a couple of days, please send an e-mail to: (replace _AT_ with @)
    (b) The NAOJ Board of Operations will make the final decision for the appointment. NAOJ complies with Japanese Equal Opportunity Employment Law and strives for the realization of a society with equal participation by both men and women.

Duties and Responsibilities, Qualifications, and Compensation

  1. Summary of Duties and Responsibilities: The primary duties and responsibilities of this position focus on management of the smooth and safe science operation of the telescope to maximize scientific output from its open-use observations. They include playing a major role in the TMT’s future operation. They entail the following specific duties:

    • As Head of Science Operations under the Assistant Director of Operations at Subaru Telescope, lead the scientific operations of the telescope and work closely with the Head of Engineering
    • Play a central role in the discussion and identification of scientific priorities at Subaru Telescope, while taking into account the key instrumentations in the next decade, such as Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC); ensure continuity in the optimum scientific operation of the telescope in a way that leads to synergy with the TMT Project; closely coordinate activities with the Subaru Principal Scientist.
    • Actively participate in planning the operation of the TMT and play a central role in implementing this plan in the future.

    In addition to these duties and responsibilities, the Assistant Professor will work the day-to-day operation of the telescope system and actively engage in his/her own research activities by using the Subaru Telescope.

  2. Qualifications: The applicant must have demonstrated experience and knowledge in the areas of telescope and/or instrumentation development and/or operation. This background may include expertise with space telescopes and large experimental facilities as well as ground-based telescopes. The applicant also needs to have leadership skills in a multicultural work environment. These skills include the ability to interact and communicate effectively not only with engineering staff hired locally/internationally but also with those from Japan.

  3. Compensation: The salary for the position depends upon the applicant’s experience and qualifications. NAOJ policies determine employee benefits, including relocation costs and support.

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