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"Fossils" of Galaxies

"Fossils" of Galaxies Reveal the Formation and Evolution of Massive Galaxies

September 24, 2015

An international team observed massive dead galaxies in the universe 4 billion years after the Big Bang with the Subaru Telescope and discovered that their stellar content is strikingly similar to that of massive elliptical galaxies seen locally. They also identified progenitorsof them, unveiling the formation and evolution of massive galaxies across 11 billion years of cosmic time...


Dust Obscured Galaxies

Discovering Dust-Obscured Active Galaxies as They Grow

August 26, 2015

A group of researchers from Ehime University etc. has performed an extensive search for Dust Obscured Galaxies (DOGs) using data obtained from the Subaru Strategic Program with Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC). The very wide-field of view of HSC is ideal for searching this rare and important class of galaxies. The research group discovered 48 DOGs, and has measured how common they are. Since DOGs are thought to harbor a rapidly growing black hole in their centers, these results give us clues for understanding the evolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes...





Status of the Telescope

October 25, 2013

Since the coolant leak onto the primary mirror in July, 2011, Subaru Telescope has taken a series of diligent steps to assure its full recovery. Recovery work has included meticulous inspection and cleaning of the affected areas. Follow-up efforts concluded during the summer of 2013, when the primary mirror was thoroughly cleaned, realuminized, and inspected. Given the significant impact of the leak, the telescope engineering and science operation divisions remain vigilant in ensuring the effective operation of the telescope and its instruments. Subaru Telescope continues to give special attention to the careful design, installation, and monitoring of its equipment.


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